Transforming seafood trade through technological innovations

Revolutionising the marketplace through a new cost-cutting and innovative platform for trading seafood.

Fished is an online trading platform making seafood trading easier, more secure and more profitable. New technologies and innovations help creating sustainable and efficient seafood trading.

Smart logistics

Fully integrated transport solutions and automated logistics and customs management

Instant documentation

Complete documentation and verification of transactions, with multi-chat collaboration tools.

Automation in settlements

A secure platform ensuring a safe transaction for both seller and buyer. Integrated with trade credit insurance.

Sustainable solutions

An optimized transport journey reduces the carbon footprint and preserves the seafood better – reducing waste.

Seafood trading made easy

Today's seafood trading leaves room for improvement. With a high level of automation and smart solutions, Fished aims to improve conditions for sellers and buyers of seafood whilst making the industry more sustainable.

More efficient trade - more profit for those harvesting the seafood

Removes unnecessary intermediaries that cause many sellers of fish to lower prices. Increases incentives for local processing of seafood. Higher profits lead to more value creation and a more sustainable solution!

A robust and scalable platform, that is easy to use and is an enabler for more efficient transactions.

Fished optimises trading solutions and reduces the fish’s journey significantly.

A direct route with fewer stops reduces the carbon footprint from transportation and delivers fresher product to the end consumer. Fully integrated transportation significantly reduces the amount of product that becomes waste due to prolonged transportation.

About Fished

Fished is the platform for the next generation of seafood trading. It provides a common marketplace, making trading easier by finding the right prices, the right customers, and the right sellers. Fished can also be used as a closed business to business trading solution, for a selection of clients or markets.

The functionality is similar to a stock exchange platform, easy to use and presenting an overview of live information. In addition, it has a complete solution for auctions.

Fished contributes in reducing food waste and ensures optimal transportation and logistics.

The Fished Team consists of passionate people with extensive experience from seafood trade, software and finance.

Management Team

Arne Lie Gundersen

Arne Lie Gundersen


+47 918 43 304

Bjarne Anker

Bjarne Anker


+47 995 09 827

Simen Flak Fekjær

Simen Flak Fekjær

Sales Manager

+47 406 38 299

Tor Oskar Wilhelmsen

Tor Oskar Wilhelmsen


+47 945 29 662