Seafood Trading Redefined!

A cutting-edge solution for the dynamic world of buying and selling seafood. Made by industry experts, our platform redefines the seafood trade experience.

The Solution

Software tailored for the seafood industry

From the outset, the goal has been to develop a modern, cloud-based platform that simplifies and enhances seafood trade. Fished Order Management is created by experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in seafood software. In close collaboration with carefully selected seafood companies, this innovative solution has taken shape. The solution encompasses key components for seafood trade, including purchasing and sales functions, inventory management, and primary processing.

Open and Integrated with standard systems

Fished Order Management excels as an open and integrated cloud software solution. It seamlessly collaborates with standard systems, ensuring adaptability and easy integration. Embracing the cloud's benefits, Fished offers scalability, real-time updates, and heightened security. Its open architecture fosters smooth communication with existing applications, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to streamlined seafood trade operations.

Secure cloud solution

Fished Order Management ensures a secure cloud environment built upon Azure's robust framework, delivering a cutting-edge solution for seafood trade operations. The foundation of Azure's comprehensive security features is integrated to safeguard critical data and transactions. Fished Order Management not only delivers a secure and compliant solution but also ensures the scalability, performance, and resilience necessary for the evolving demands of the seafood trade industry.

Always available

Fished Order Management assures constant accessibility through cutting-edge cloud technology. This means you can access it from anywhere, offering you flexibility. It adjusts its resources to perform at its best, ensuring it's available whenever you need it. It synchronizes data instantly, so you're always working with the latest information. And in case of unexpected events, it quickly recovers to keep your operations running smoothly.

Order Management

Fished Order Management is an innovative and efficient solution for seafood trade operations, offering a cloud-based platform that seamlessly handles key functions such as purchasing, sales, inventory, and primary processing. Developed by seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in seafood software, the system ensures secure and accessible management from anywhere, promoting flexibility and scalability. Fished Order Management provides a reliable foundation for the dynamic demands of the seafood industry.

Value Chain

About Us

Fished is a software company challenging the established norms within the seafood trade. We believe that the seafood industry deserves the best solutions, and therefore, we have developed solutions to simplify the management of purchasing, selling, inventory, processing, logistics, and much more. Our comprehensive design aims to optimize operational efficiency and minimize costs for our clients.